Live streaming FAQs

What's TEAM75LIVE all about?

The 1975 fandom has proven time and time again that it is made up of thoughtful and generous people and here's an opportunity for the community to prove it's so once again.

When Chris, (@BertrandRustles IG and Twitter) was planning to go to a number of shows during the Still At Their Very Best tour in 2023/2024, he wondered how the live streaming he would inevitably do could be used to benefit one of The 1975's favourite charities, War Child. Following conversations with other fans it was felt that perhaps donations could be made to War Child by those who enjoyed the streaming.

Partnering with Stacey, (Staceylklly IG, @geologyrocks Twitter), the idea of TEAM75LIVE was formed, together with the concept of offering those who did donate, multiple chances to win 1975 rarities and collectables with a specific prize being offered for each show streamed.

We're pleased to say that other fans will also be joining the team during the tour and offering their live streams. All dates to potentially be streamed will appear on our homepage as the tour progresses through the USA, The UK and Europe.

While the TEAM75LIVE project has been officially approved, it does remain a fan based project with no connection to Dirty Hit or The 1975. Consequently they will not be able to answer any questions about TEAM75LIVE. Please address any questions to [email protected]..

What is a "fan to fan live stream"?

A "fan to fan live stream" is a live stream via Instagram or TikTok of a 1975 show by a fan attending the show. It is always subject to the venue wi-fi being high quality or there being good bandwidth availability via 4/5G. As such we can never guarantee a live stream will take place, we can only promise to try!

Where will I find the live streams?

Follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok to ensure you see the streams as and when they happen.

Can I comment during the live stream?

We want the community to be able to meet and share the experience of a live stream and will always leave the commenting option on during a stream. However, our live streams are a safe space for all, and so anyone behaving in an abusive or bullying manner will be blocked from further live streams and will run the risk of the live stream being ended.

How will I know which shows will be streamed?

Shows that we'll attempt to stream will be listed on this website and on our social media channels. Shows will be regularly added and you can sign up here for email updates.

Who built this website?

This website was built and donated to the TEAM75LIVE project by wonderful people at Meantime IT. Visit the Meantime IT website or you can call Meantime IT on 01539 737766.