Prize Draw FAQs

How do I donate to War Child?

You can click on any "DONATE" button on our site to go directly to the Just Giving page and donate to War Child. You will also find a link in all our bios on social media.

Where will my donation cash go?

As your donation is made through Just Giving, the cash goes directly to War Child and is touched by no one else. All information relating to how your donation is processed can be found on the Just Giving website help page.

All costs and expenses involved in the running of TEAM75LIVE are met by TEAM75LIVE.

Why War Child?

The 1975 have a long history of support for War Child and War Child has a long history of working with musicians and bands to help create safe environments for children caught up in conflict throughout the world. It's a no brainer for us!

How do I enter the prize draws?

A donation of £5 to War Child via the TEAM75LIVE Just Giving page will ensure you have ONE entry while a donation of £10 will ensure you have THREE entries into every TEAM75LIVE live stream prize draw of the USA, UK and European tour. We expect this to total approximately 20 prize draws.

Donations can be a show of appreciation for live streams or simply to enter into the prize draws. Either way, it's good to remember that for every £5, £10 or combination thereof that you donate, you get the additional corresponding entries into all the remaining prize draws in the series. The more you donate the more chances you have of winning. Your entries will only stop if you are lucky enough to win a prize. In these circumstances, to be in with another chance to win, you will need to donate again.

Please note that if you are donating from outside the UK you must ensure that you select £GBP from the currency drop down menu when entering the amount you wish to donate. All donations must be made in £GBP.

Will I be entered into the draws automatically once I donate?

As your donation is going directly to War Child via Just Giving and not through our own platforms, each time you make a donation you will need to follow a couple of steps to ensure you are included in the prize draw.

  1. When making your donation on JustGiving you MUST tick the box "I'm happy to share my contact details with Team Live for the purpose of thanking me". This can be found on the final payment processing page when making your donation payment.

    This will ensure your e-mail address will be stored privately and securely for us to match up your donation. You can still donate anonymously, as your e-mail will only be seen by TEAM75LIVE and will never be shared with anyone else.
  2. After making your donation, you must complete our prize draw submission form here. It is vital that the e-mail address entered into the submission form matches the e-mail address used to make your JustGiving donation.

    These 2 steps are imperative for entering the prize draw. We will use both the submission form details and your JustGiving e-mail address to match up your donation and information and ensure you are entered into the draw an appropriate number of times.

    Following these two steps is a condition of entry and it is your responsibility to ensure this is done correctly. If you feel you may have made an error, such as using a different email address for the donation and submission form, please email [email protected] with your JustGiving e-mail address, donation date, donation amount and e-mail used in the submission form and we will do what we can to help.

I'm not in the UK, can I still donate?

You can make donations and enter the draws from anywhere in the world as long as Just Giving will accept your details.

Please note that if you are donating from outside the UK you must ensure that you select £GBP from the currency drop down menu when entering the amount you wish to donate. All donations must be made in £GBP.

Our draws and donations are conducted under UK rules and while we will happily ship prizes to you wherever you live, you may wish to ensure that legislation specific to your country does not prevent you from receiving draw prizes through the post.

When will each prize draw take place?

Each draw will take place the day following a show. Winners will be announced at some point during the day via the TEAM75LIVE social media channels and by entering the draw you agree to us stating your Instagram username should you be a winner.

Draw times are subject to change and any updates will be posted on our social media channels.

Who is eligible to enter the prize draws?

Anyone can enter the prize draws by making a donation via the TEAM75LIVE Just Giving page and following the steps detailed above.

TEAM75LIVE is an independent group of fans each of whom will be excluded from entry into the draws. While they can make donations, they will not be eligible to enter the draws. Likewise, anyone associated directly with The 1975 or Dirty Hit may make a donation but will not be eligible for entry into the draws.

You do not have to make a donation to War Child to enter the prize draws. You may have one free entry by filling out our free prize draw entry submission form here.

Do I have to be a certain age to donate?

Just Giving accept donations by credit card, debit card or Paypal so as long as you have one of these, and they accept your details, you should be okay to donate. If however you were to win one of our prize draws and are 16 or under, we would require a parent or guardian to provide an address to ship the prize to.

When will the draw prizes be announced?

Each show prize will be unlocked after the previous prize has been drawn. Ie, the day after a show, the next prize will be announced.

Do I have to pay the postage to receive my prize?

You don't have to pay anything. TEAM75LIVE will cover the cost of shipping prizes to anywhere in the world. Should you choose to donate a little extra to War Child as a thank you, well, that's entirely up to you.